Time + Place Cast Information


Important Show Information

It’s Showtime and we are beside ourselves with excitement. Last weekend went perfectly as planned, and if you are thinking “Wait a minute, I didn’t know what was happening, and I’m still a little confused”, that is perfectly normal. The good news is that will get all cleared up between class this week and rehearsal Saturday. As you all know from the first email announcement and the showcase agreement, Saturday will be a long day. I have provided information on what to expect schedule-wise so you have a little idea of what your day will be. VERY IMPORTANT. This is a hurry-up-and-wait sort of day, so we asking for your patience through this process.  Folks will be seated in the audience for the first part of rehearsal, so you’ll be able to watch from there, as well as warm-up quietly. We will explain this process in depth when you arrive at 12:00. 

Please bring things to keep you busy, but able to still be focused on when you need to be ready for your entrance. Please do not bring Valuables. Ipads, laptops, etc. 

Keep yourself comfortable, your body warm, fed, and hydrated.

Only performers back stage, your dancer will meet you outside after the show. We have 80 performers and there is not enough room back stage for visitors. Thank you for understanding.

Protocol for Volunteers and performers to watch the show. Anyone not performing must have a ticket for entry. No guests back stage, Volunteers must have a lanyard to be backstage.

Volunteers, will receive a ticket to the show you are not working. You can pick it up at will call under your name. Box office helpers will watch the show same day as their shift.

Dancers If you are in the first act you may join your family in the audience for the second half ONLY if you are NOT going to dance in the last number (finale), and as long as we are not sold out. There is a monitor to watch in the green room for the performers. We do not want performers going in and out of the theater during the performance, it is very distracting to the performer on stage and audience. LASTLY, we ask that people do not save seats for their family or friends, it is a first come first serve situation. The house will be cleared before opening at 6:30, so please do not leave belongings on the seats.  

PLEASE REVIEW: What to Expect at the Theater


VAM Studios presents an annual showcase to give students a chance to share their skills, passion, and joy with family, friends, and community. These performances are truly inspiring; they create lifelong memories and experiences for the students, teachers, and audience members alike. The VAM Studios motto, DREAM-CREATE-INSPIRE, is fully realized through these performances: from brainstorming ideas with the students in class (Dream), to the dedicated work of learning the dances (Create), to sharing it with the audience (Inspire). The entire process promotes an understanding of goal setting, dedication, teamwork, personal growth, and perseverance, as well as building each dancer’s confidence and self-esteem. We invite students who take regular weekly classes at VAM to participate in the 2023 Spring Show. We plan to livestream the shows so your family and friends around the world can share the experience!


Participation in VAM’s Spring Show is completely optional. If you plan on participating in the show you must be able to participate in both performance days and agree to the terms and mandatory dates of this agreement.

There are three 1 hour time slots on Saturdays for rehearsal classes starting at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. You may or may not need to attend any of these classes, your weekly class instructor will coordinate these Saturday times with you.


VAM performances are professionally recorded by Nicolas Teeuwen. Digital downloads of the production are available for purchase for $20 (includes both shows) and must be reserved before May 31, 2023. Payments can be made at the front desk.


Broadway Performance Hall (BPH) 1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122






JUN. 17, 2023 Last Day of Spring Semester

Show Order

  • Faces (opening)
  • Marks time transition
  • Et. Al 
  • A jazzy tea (Annalisa jazz1)
  • Ballet 1 (Jasmine, mon, 7-10 yo)
  • Ballet 2 (Jasmine, Thursday)
  • Hanuman
  • Them Changes (Maceo hip hop, mondays)
  • Faded (contemporary Alyssa Mon, & Tues.)
  • Elastic (Mackenzie Mon. Hip hop)
  • Cold Heart ( Mackenzie Tap Intro & beg 1)
  • Good to Go ( Beg 2 tap)
  • Hours (trio, Veronica) 
  • Tap 1 (Marissa Sat. Morning 7-10 yo )
  • Morning Shine (Yolanda and co.)
  • Jazz 1(Jasmine Monday 7-10yo)
  • Anything Goes
  • Intermission
  • Gray Days (Winter Adv/pro tap)
  • Better (Pointe/Lauren hip hop)
  • Floor (Lauren Wed Hip Hop)
  • Get Ready/ Dancing in the streets
  • Wonderland Jazz ( Annalisa, jazz 3/4)
  • Rather Be Dreaming (Chair Trio)
  • Solo 
  • Vivid Dreams (Avery Hip Hop, Both classes)
  • Sing, Sing, Sing
  • I want you Back
  • Baggage
  • Working Day and night
  • Closing number


It’s showtime, and what should we wear? First, check in with your instructor to get the vibe of what you will wear for your piece. 2nd look in your closet or maybe borrow what you don’t have from a friend. The goal is to be creative, spend as little money as possible, and stay within the color palette given. Some classes will have black bottoms with colored tops, some have leotards, and some will have something different altogether. If I have contacted you with specific costume needs this email may not apply. Please let me know if you haven’t spoken to your instructor about what you are wearing.

Costume List June 2023

Ballet 1 Jasmine
Lilac Leotards (ready for purchase and pickup at Red Curtain), Lilac skirts ( borrowed and
provided at time of show)
You supply: Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet 2 Jasmine
Purple Leos (ready for purchase and pickup at Red Curtain), Purple skirts ( borrowed and
provided at time of show)
You supply: Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes

Jazz 1- Jasmine
Black Leggings, Black Jazz Shoes, Colored (from the color palette provided) form-fitting tops of
your choice, i.e. camisole, tank, t-shirt

Tap 1- Marissa
Black bottoms, Blue or purple tops (from the color palette provided), Must be able to move/
dance comfortably. The look is every day kiddos on the playground.

Hip Hop 1- Thursday 5:30 Avery
Something with a loose fit in the provided color palette

Teen /Adult

Winter Adv. Pro- Mark
All grey, can be different shades of grey.

Hanuman Int 3 and Wednesday tap 3, 4:30- Mark
Black Pants, Black top form-fitting, we will have a
costume accessory for you provided at the show.

Sing sing sing Wednesday 4:30 class
Black pants, Purple (3rd on the palette)

I Want you back Int. 2- Mark
Black Bottoms, Any color top from the color palette provided)

Working Day and Night- ADV. Pro- Mark
The vibe is professional business work attire, Will figure out the colors with Mark and Veronica in
class. Does anyone have old-school briefcases?

Morning Shine, Int. 1- Mark
Black Bottoms, colored top (from the color palette provided)

Anything Goes- Mark
Black Bottoms, colored top (from the color palette provided),
Feel free to add any fun accessory you’d like to this costume “Anything Goes” as long as you
can dance in it and it doesn’t fly off lol.

Cold Heart Beg Tap 1 and intro- Mackenzie
Black Pants, Purple top with silver Accessories

Better (Pointe piece) with Laurens hip hop- Veronica
Ballet piece- Black Leotard, flesh-colored tights, flesh-colored pointe shoes (see Veronica for
instructions on the pointe shoes)

Hours Trio- Veronica
Black Leotard, Flesh-colored tights, Flesh-colored Ballet slippers, (see Veronica for instructions
on the ballet shoes)
We will provide costume pieces at the show

Level 3/4, and beg. – Alyssa
2 blues From the provided color palette with black as needed. At least 1 flowy piece

Et. Al- Vam Corps
Black Leo, Plum trashbag pants, black socks

Solo- Veronica
Baggage- Veronica
Black top and bottom
Thuan- white tutu

Opening- Veronica
Anything in the color palette

Dreaming- Veronica

Floor Hiphop -Lauren
Black sweats and a Hoody

Vivid- Thursday Level 1/2 Avery
Something with a loose fit in the provided color palette

Elastic- Monday 6:30 Mackenzie
Hip Hop party vibe anything in the color palette
Them Changes, Monday 5:30, Maceo
Light Purple top, dark blue jeans
Hip Hop vibe

Sassy tea party- Annalisa
Black Leggings, black jazz shoes, Tank tops in Sky Blue, Lavender, Purple
Borrowed Costume accessories will be given out at the performance
Creepy Alice n Wonderland
Black Sleek look,Leggings, leo, mesh options Character Heels or Jazz shoes in black
Alemia in lighter pastel colors.Sky Blue, Lavender, Purple

Wear the last piece you performed in


The color palette is provided below, please use any color on the palette with black as our accent. Example: Black pants and flowy purple top. 

June show color palette