Youth Dance Classes

VAM Studios offers tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and creative movement classes for children ages 3 to 12 at all levels from beginner to advanced. Scroll through this page to see our class schedule, policies, dress code, and tuition fees.



JAUNARY 27, 2020 – JUNE 27, 2020


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Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet












Hip Hop



Saturday Performance Rehearsal Class



VAM In Performance Group (VIP’s)


(Tuition discounts are available for families with 2+ youth program students)

Annual Registration Fee: $30/per family (For new registrations)

5 Monthly Payments/In-Full (Discounted)

1 Hour per week/per student
1.5 Hours per week/per student
2 Hours per week/per student
2.5 Hours per week/per student
3 Hours per week/per student
3.5 Hours per week/per student
4 Hours per week/per student
4.5 Hours per week/per student
5 Hours per week/per student
5.5 Hours per week/per student
6 Hours per week/per student

Saturday Performance Rehearsal

Semester Fee Per Student

VIP’s – VAM In Performance Group

Annual Fee Per Student (Full school year commitment required)


Annual Registration Fee: $30 (per family)

10 Week Session Total

.75 hours per week
1 hour per week


1/2 Hour Lesson (students regularly attending classes at VAM)
1/2 Hour Lesson (students NOT regularly attending classes at VAM)
1 Hour Lesson (students currently enrolled in VAM classes)
1 Hour Lesson (students NOT currently enrolled in VAM classes)
4/Hour Lessons (pre-paid - (students regularly attending classes at VAM)
$280 ($70/hour)
4/Hour Lessons (pre-paid - students NOT regularly attending classes at VAM)
$340 ($85/hour)
8/Hour Lessons (pre-paid - students regularly attending classes at VAM)
$520 ($65/hour)
8/Hour Lessons (pre-paid - students NOT regularly attending classes at VAM)
$640 ($80/hour)


  • Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, or Paypal
  • Please make checks payable to: VAM Studios
  • A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks or NSF items

Youth Program Policies

School Year
  • Our school year consists of two semesters:
    • FALL – September thru January
    • SPRING – Last week of January 27th to June 27th
Tuition Fee
  • Tuition is based on the number of class hours taken per Week, per Student.
Registration Fee
  • There is annual, non-refundable $30 Registration Fee per family.

By registering your child for any of our youth classes, you are agreeing to be a part of VAM Studios’ “Youth Program”.
Enrollment in the “Youth Program” is a commitment to a full semester of training and all tuition fees for chosen classes for the entire semester. Semester tuition can be paid in full at the time of registration or in monthly installments. (Full semester tuition fee reflects a discounted rate, installment payments are not discounted.)

If you choose the “monthly” payment option you must have a credit card on file with VAM Studios. (NEW families can add their credit card or bank account information near the bottom of our online registration page. EXISTING families can add their credit card or bank account information through the VAM Studios’ customer portal by clicking here.) All accounts being billed “monthly” will be set to Auto-Pay and will have payments automatically made on the first business day of each month of the semester your child is enrolled in.

Installment payments are due on the 1st day of each month and are considered late if not paid by the 10th of the month. (Please note: installment payments can also be made before the 1st day of each month). A late fee of $20 will be charged if payment is made after the 10th of the month. If payment is not made by the 20th of the month, the student will not be allowed to attend class.

Payment Options
  • Payments can be made monthly or at a discount if paid in full by student’s first class
  • Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, ACH bank draft auto-pay, or Paypal
  • Please make checks payable to ‘VAM Studios’
Returned Check/NSF Items
  • A $35 fee will be charged on all returned checks or NSF items.
Cancellation / Refund Policy

All class change or cancellation of enrollment requests must be made in writing and delivered to the office. Requests can be submitted by mail, in person, or by email.​

Tuition is non-refundable. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, written notice must be submitted to the office or by email 30 days prior to the intended withdrawal date. All tuition through the date of withdrawal will be due. If tuition was paid in full at the beginning of the semester, a partial refund will be given for the unused portion.

  • No street shoes permitted on the dance floors at any time.
  • No unattended children are allowed in the dance studios without a teacher present.
  • Students: please turn off cell phones before entering the studios.
  • Only water is permitted in the studios. Please remember to bring your water bottle.

Enrollment in the Youth Program is a commitment to a full semester of training and all tuition and fees for chosen classes for the entire semester. Please let us know any planned absences at the time of registration. In the event of illness please call the front desk to inform us of the absence. Students should be picked up promptly after class.

If a student is 10 minutes or less late for class, they must first warm up before joining the class. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they should expect to sit and observe the class for that day. The first 10 minutes of class are very important in warming up the body to help prevent injury. The dancer’s health and well being are of utmost importance to us. We understand that things happen beyond our control that can make a dancer late for class and we want families to understand that this is not a punishment, but a protective measure for the dancer’s health. Dancers should be prepared to watch and learn the lessons being taught on any day they are not able to dance in class due to tardiness or injury. The class can be made up on another day.

We ask that students miss no more than 4 classes per semester. Regular attendance is important for a dancer’s physical and mental health and well-being; among other benefits, it helps build self-confidence, discipline, and friendships.​

If you miss a class (including classes missed due to inclement weather), it is your responsibility to find a make-up class of similar level. Please refer to the schedule to find a suitable class, and check-in with the front desk for approval. On the day of the class, you must notify the front desk staff that you are taking a make-up class. Make-up classes must be taken in the same semester as the missed class.

Ballet – Girls: Any color leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Hair: long hair pulled back in a tidy bun.

Ballet – Boys: Any color tight fitting t-shirt, black tights, thin white socks, and black or white ballet slippers. Hair: long hair pulled back.

Contemporary & Jazz: Form fitting, comfortable clothing. Bare feet or jazz shoes.

Tap: Comfortable clothing and tap shoes.

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing and dance sneakers (not street shoes).

In case of inclement weather, please call the studio phone line (206) 826-0776 to find out the status of classes. We will do our best to send email messages in a timely manner regarding studio closures and/or class changes due to inclement weather.

Families can also check the VAM Studios Facebook page for updates.

Dancers who wish to dance on pointe must have teacher approval and, for their health and safety, be enrolled in a minimum of 2 ballet technique classes per week.