Show Order 2024

The ‘Living’ Room   Show Order June 2024

The ‘Living’ Room-  3:27

Song: Pastime Paradise- Stevie Wonder

             Cast: Alemia Nomura, Lucy Hoffman, Maceo Mendonca, Soleil Schultz, Soaren Schultz, Ella Wagar

             Costumes: Anything in the palette, hang out in the livingroom type clothes (70)s.

             Props: Newspaper

             Sets: couch, coffee table, lamp, side table, vase and flowers, TV

2.   Pictures-  1:27

            Jasmine Basic Beg Thurs

            Concept: ‘Living Room Portraits’ 

            Song: We’ve Only Just Begun- Carpenters 

            Cast: Letty Goldberg, Emma Grey Dufour, Jenna Brantley 

            Costumes: Black bottoms, picture tops.

            Props: Picture Frames


           Cleaning? Looking for keys etc.

What Is Life- 3:05

            Alyssa Int/Adv. (M+T)

            Concept: Lost In Couch

            Song: What Is Life George Harrison

            Cast: Ella Wagar, Lucy Hoffman, Soaren Schultz, Soleil Schultz, Adrianna Hall, Abigail Ipijan, Angela Wipfler 

            Costumes: Full color palette any variation

Rockin Robin- 2:38

           Alyssa Tap 1 Tues.

           Concept: Sleepover

           Song: Rockin Robin- Michael Jackson

           Cast: Clara Firth, Emmeline Ladd, Juniper Bird, Ruby Greenland, Sahira Shetty.

       Costume: Pajama type outfit in palette 

           Props: Sleeping Bags, blankets w/ pillows, some stuffed animals. 

Flower Power    

       Concept: Vase comes to life

       Song: Don’t go breaking my heart- 

       Cast: Abigail Lundquist, June Nagel, Amaya Sanz, Violet Bostock, Gracie Keough, Hana Valdovinos. 

Signed Sealed Delivered- 2:37

       Alyssa Tap Bed Wed 

       Concept: Delivering Mail 

       Song: Signed Sealed Delivered- Stevie Wonder 

       Cast: Isabella Ford Anna Mclelland 



Ain’t No Sunshine: 2:05

      Contemp Mon. Alyssa

      Song: Aint No Sunshine- Bill Withers.

      Cast: Ella Wagar, Lucy Hoffman, Soaren Schultz, Solei Schultz, Adrianna Hall, Abigail Ipjian. 

Faith 2:42

      Tap Int. 3 

      Song: Faith- Stevie Wonder

      Cast: Elaine Pan, Erin Bowles, Lily Feldman, Maria Redoutey, Marissa Sandberg, Marla Dahlin, Rebecca Mason, Soaren Schultz, Susanna Waldrop, Vivian Price, Kathryn Hightower, Alyssa Brillinger.

Waking up 3:09

     Jasmine Ballet 1&2 

     Concept: Tv Show Afterschool? 

     Song: Coppelia Tableau #9 1.40 – Captain Kangeroo Theme .51 – Lovely Day 1.18 

     Cast: Anna Pravetoni, Hazel Smith, Lucy Hanley, Violet Bostock, Clementine Clark, Hana Valdovines, Amaya Sanz, 

     Prop: Toy Trunk

Spaghetti Western 2:40

     Mark Teens

     Concept: Tv Show

     Song: Ehi Amico Ie Sabata- Titoli 

     Cast: Stacie Jamieson, Jordan Miller, Soaren Schultz, Vivienna Walker

You Can’t Stop The Beat 5:50

     Tap Int 2 

     Broadway Cast Recording 

     Concept: Tv Show

     Cast: Becky Menday, Danielle Ott, Elaine Pan, Janet Bester-Meredith, Julie Burke, Kate Kingery, Laura Corvi, Lily Feldman, Linda Grim, Maria Redoutey, Marla Dahlin, Molly Firth, Vivian Price

     Costume: Tv show maybe 50s Hairspray vibe


Lamps Approx 5 Min

    Veronica Pointe 

    Concept: Lamps come to life

    Song: Lamps- Philip Glass

    Cast: Soleil Schultz, Ella Wagar, Isabella Ford, Kris Weber, Loann Nguyen, Lucy Hoffman, Anna Mclelland 

    Costumes: Black Leos & Tights Lamp Tutu. 

Moondance 3:00

    Beg 2 & Int 1 

    Song: Moondance- Van Morrison 

    Cast: Lani Philips, Danielle Ott, Danielle Radcliff, Kate Kingery, Virginia Miscoine, Charlotte Jensen, Abigail Gory. Rachel Stine- Sheridan

Fine Lines. 2:15 Approx 

    Song: Fine Lines- Joria Smith, Dontcha- The Internet 

    Concept: Conversation/maybe heated discussion. 

    Cast: Alina Blazing, Annika Kumar, Clementine Clark, Elle Johnson, Emilia Hays, Eydi Barsotti, Madeline Feldstein, Zara Porsch 

Brand New Key 2:24

    Jasmine Jazz 1 Monday 

    Concept: Skating in the house maybe gets in trouble. 

    Song: Brand New Key- Melanie Safka 

    Cast: Abigail Lundquist, Clementine Clark, Elouise Brittain, Lucy Hanley, Nora Johnson. 

    Costume: Shorts, high socks, colored tank

Game Night: 3:49

    Annalisa/ Amanda Jazz 1/2/3

    Concept: Playing a game.

    Song: That’s life- Frank Sinatra, Lets stay together- Al Green, Don’t stop til you get enough- Michael Jackson, I will survive- Gloria Gaynor

    Cast: Mirabelle Clark, Poppy Clark, Adrianna Hall, Alemia Nomura, Maceo Mendonca. 

    Costume: M & A in game piece color the rest in palette. 

Interlude furniture moved Zeb falls asleep on the couch

Pillows Approx 4 min

     Int/Adv Ballet

     Song: Night on Pisco Mountain- David Shire

     Cast: Ella Wagar, Isabella Ford, Kris Weber, Loann Nguyen, Lucy Hoffman, Soaren Schultz, Soleil Schultz, Adrianna Hall, Selena Anders, Anna Mclelland. 

    Costume: Fuchsia T-Shirt Tops

On The Record. 3:00 

     Marissa Tap ½ + Saturday Tap 1 

     Song: 1612- Vulfpeck

     Cast: Jessica Jones, Julie Burke, Laura Corvi, Melanie Carter, Siri Linz, Soaren Schultz, Emily Tsoy, Henry Schmitt, Imogen Lee, Marco Swanson, Siggy Jordan Togerson

21: “State of the Art” 2:40 

     Maceo Beg Hip Hop Monday

    Concept Technology Takeover 

    Song: State of the Art- Gotye 

    Cast: Akari Akiyama, Alemia Nomura, Eva Friedman, Maceo Mendonca

    Costume: 70s vibe clothes in palette. 

    Props: 8 Track Tapes

Freak Out 3:30 

    Mark Adv. Tap 

    Concept: Preparing for a party 

    Song: Freak Out- Le Chic

    Cast: Erin Bowles, Marissa Sandberg, Natash Crowly, Nicolas Teeuwen, Soaren Schultz, Alyssa Brillinger, Jonathan Salman, Megan Martinko 

Catch Me 

    Fund & Int/Adv HH Lauren 

    Concept House Party

    Song: Catch Me- Pockets

    Cast: Alemia Nomura, Adrianna Hall, Lauren Post, Leah Vu, Maceo Mendonca, Norah Su, Eleanore Johnson Eva Friedman, Loann Nguyen, Selena Anders

Let’s Groove 2:30 Approx

    Avery HH ½ 

   Concept Enter Party 

   Song: Let’s Groove- Earth Wind & Fire

   Cast: Alemia Nomura, Adrianna Hall, Angela Wipfler, Eleanore Johnson, Ella Wagar, Frances Pesquera-Bravo, Helvi Christian, Lucy Hoffman

Boogie Nights 5:00

    Jazz VIPS Veronica

    Song: Boogie Nights- Heatwave 

    Cast: Alemia Nomura, Ella Wagar, Lucy Hoffman, Maceo Mendonca, Soaren Schultz, Soleil Schultz. 

    Joined by everyone in the reprise